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In Brief (Full Statement Available Upon Request)

My interdisciplinary and mixed-method work is rooted in feminist media studies with specific attention to digital cultures. It uses a combination of quantitative computational and qualitative techniques to explore and critique white and male supremacy, violent misogyny and far-right politics. as well as the mis/disinformation and conspiracy thinking that often accompanies these beliefs.

My dissertation explored the media coverage and online activity of a violent misogynist online subculture. Theoretically, this project engaged with the intersection of feminism, media, whiteness, masculinities, social movements and journalism studies. Specifically, it drew on interdisciplinary scholarship related to violence against women, hegemonic masculinities, social identity, participatory culture online and framing. To account for the complexity of the phenomenon, I used a mixed-methods approach to socially and thematically map these spaces and examine conjunctures with other extremist movements.

In addition to my dissertation, I’ve published two peer-reviewed journal articles and a chapter in an edited volume, including: an invited forum piece on conservative populism and journalistic practice in Communication, Culture and Critique; a manuscript exploring memetic colonial sensibilities following the Notre-Dame de Paris fire in VISTA— Visual Culture Journal; and, a chapter on mediated misogyny and global conservative populism in Misogyny and Media in the Age of Trump (Ed. M. Marron). In addition, as part of a Facebook-funded grant on transnational digital extremism, I have worked on a project exploring the internationalization of the U.S. extreme right, with a focus on misinformation and conspiracy theories.

In summary, my research agenda contributes to the communication discipline by documenting the discourses, spaces and places of supremacists, extremists and other illiberal social movements through the lens of intersectional feminism, critical race and decolonial scholarship. For the wider scholarly community, my often interdisciplinary and mixed-methods work is located at the conjuncture of white and male supremacism that has relevance to a number of disciplines beyond communication. Moreover, this work regularly provides a critique of institutional seats of power, such as the government and media, while being undertaken from a scholar-activist perspective. By explicitly pursuing public and community-engaged scholarship, my research agenda has the potential to make small but incrementally meaningful changes to society.

You can see a full list of publications here and conference presentations here. If you'd like my full research statement, please drop me a line on the Contact page.

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